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CSR events in 2016

The CSR activities focused on continued efforts to implement PGNiG’s previous Sustainable Development and Social Engagement Strategy and included work on updating that strategy. Projects were pursued for both the Company’s internal and external stakeholders. These included meetings devoted to CSR matters and promotion of responsible business practices in the sector, various workshops for children and employees as well as community-building initiatives.

Key CSR projects implemented in 2016 included:

  • Meeting of representatives of the energy industry’s largest players under the name of ‘Energy Sector Round Table’. The event was devoted to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development challenges faced by the sector and was organised to share experience and good practice. The ‘Energy Sector Round Table’, moderated by the Responsible Business Forum, was attended by Jacqueline Kacprzak, advisor to the Minister of Development and Beata Wereszczyńska-Dembska, Director of the Strategy and Social Communication Department at URE.
  • ‘Pogoń for Pogoń’ programme, promoting PGNiG in an innovative way as a socially responsible business, which builds and strengthens community relations, fosters patriotic attitudes among youth and popularises sports through education among the youngest children. The project is a joint initiative of PGNiG and the Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski. Under the programme, the Pogoń Siedlce and Pogoń Lwów football clubs and the communities of both cities work together towards educating children and youth in history and sports. Considering PGNiG’s business presence in Ukraine, it was only natural for the Company to engage in work towards building social relations there, including stronger ties with the Polish community living in Ukraine.
  • Activities under the Ethics Programme Management System, which promotes ethical behaviour at the PGNiG Group and provides a framework for resolving disputes in labour matters. Through communication efforts, the number of ethics officers in PGNiG Group companies has grown and cooperation between them has strengthened. In addition, the management staff were trained in the issues of mobbing and ethics in the workplace.
  • Updating the CSR Strategy for the PGNiG Group. Work on the revised strategy will be concluded in the first half of 2017.