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Segment’s figures

The segment’s operating profit for 2016 was PLN 400m, up PLN 33m year on year. EBITDA was reported at PLN 759m, up PLN 80m, or 12%, year on year. The segment generated revenue of PLN 2,195m – PLN 308m more than in 2015, with the acquisition of PEC and SEJ assets contributing additional PLN 181m to the 2016 revenue. The segment’s performance was driven up by higher revenue achieved on increased sales volumes of heat (+10.4%), higher tariffs and a slight increase in electricity sales volumes (+3.3%), with electricity price down. The result was further improved by lower coal prices (including transport charges) and a shift in the fuel mix consumed towards biomass. Also coal and fuel oil consumption was reduced in 2016.

Segment’s financial performance



yearSegment’s total revenueSegment’s total expensesEBITDA (right axis)
Heat and electricity sales volumes from own generation sources

yearHeat (left axis)Electricity (right axis)
Achievable capacity by licence/plant/branch
Generating unit Heat [MW] Electricity [MW] Cooling [MW] Compressed air capacity
[thousand cm/h]
PGNiG TERMIKA 4,648 1,015
Siekierki CHP Plant 2,068 620
Żerań CHP Plant 1,580 386
Pruszków CHP Plant 186 9
Kawęczyn Heating Plant 465
Wola Heating Plant* 349
PEC 255 2
Żory Heating Plant 87
Wodzisław Śląski Heating Plant 57 2
Racibórz Heating Plant 91
Knurów Heating Plant 16
Jastrzębie Heating Plant 0,5
Rybnik Heating Plant** 4
SEJ 505 130 15 423
Zofiówka Branch 235 64 135
Moszczenica Branch 156 38
Pniówek Branch 72 14 15 191
Suszec Branch (Suszec site) 39 11 97
Suszec Branch (Częstochowa site) 2 3

* Excluding K1; K1 is covered by the Wola Heating Plant licence.

** The boiler station at ul. Karłowicza in Rybnik was closed in September 2016 The nameplate thermal capacity of the Rybnik Heating Plant as at December 2016 is the sum of capacities of the boiler stations at ul. Obywatelska 5 and at ul. Mościckiego 5D.