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The ethics programme in place aims to ensure ethical conduct and strengthen PGNiG’s corporate culture by identifying behaviours the Company wants to encourage as well as those that are not tolerated in the organisation. Standards of conduct are laid down in the PGNiG Code of Ethics  and in the Code of Best Practice for PGNiG Group Managers. The PGNiG Code of Ethics consists of the Statement of Values and the Ethical Standards Code. The Statement of Values sets out the moral principles and ethical ideals to foster development of an ethical environment and mutual trust at PGNiG. The Ethical Standards Code spells out specific rules of conduct for PGNiG employees which are in line with declared corporate values and best industry practices from around the world.

As stipulated in the ethics programme, the presented values and ethical principles must be fully upheld by every PGNiG employee in the course of their professional duties. The Code allows the Group companies to further improve their best practices and ethical standards based on their own judgement, in accordance with the specific nature of their market sectors, conditions in which they operate in various countries and prior experience. Promotion of ethical behaviour at PGNiG is a duty of the Ethics Officer who also monitors compliance with the Code of Ethics by receiving and assessing ethics violation reports and works with the Ethics Committee and ethics officers of the PGNiG Group companies. Altogether, there are eight ethics officers at the PGNiG Group. No breaches of ethical conduct rules were reported to the Ethics Officer of PGNiG in 2016.