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Capital expenditures in 2016

In 2016, the PGNiG Group’s capital expenditures incurred for property, plant and equipment and intangible assets totaled PLN 3.0bn, down by ca. 10% year on year. The tables below present the Company’s and the Group’s CAPEX by segment.

Capital expenditures on property, plant and equipment by PGNiG Group in 2016
 PLNm 2016  2015
Exploration* and Production, including: 1,254 1,437
   1. Norway 343 395
   2. Pakistan 98 54
   3. Libya 6 10
II. Trade and Storage 192 233
III. Distribution 1,109 1,193
IV. Generation 438 454
V. Other segments 9 7
VI. Total capital expenditures (I-V) 3,003 3,324


* capital expenditures include expenditures on geophysical surveys and drilling, as well as capitalised borrowing costs.

Key projects and capital expenditures in segments: