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Development prospects

The largest projects planned for 2017 at PGNiG TERMIKA include the 450 MWe CCGT and peak demand boiler house projects at the Żerań CHP Plant. The projects will contribute to delivery of the strategic objectives to preserve leadership in the heat generation market in the Warsaw area, to improve return on assets and to diversify the fuel mix (coal, natural gas, biomass, alternative refuse-derived fuels). In the domestic market, the company will consider heat system acquisitions and projects to apply gas-fired technologies in heat generation, industrial power generation and distributed generation based on coal mine gas, including for the health and wellness/utilities sectors. PEC’s future projects will be focused on ensuring security of heat supply to all PEC customers and on expanding the local heat market. SEJ’s largest projects scheduled for 2017 include moving forward on the CFB cogeneration project with a gross installed capacity of around 75 MWe at the Zofiówka CHP Plant; relocation of two gas engines from the Suszec CHP Plant to Zofiówka; modernisation of the compressor facility at Zofiówka; improving compressed air generation efficiency; and replacement of absorption chillers at the Pniówek CHP Plant to improve cooling generation efficiency.